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Train to Kandy sinhala movie release on January

Mirror Magazine catches up with young film makers Ray Jay and Udana Fonseka on their latest production
Sometime in 2004, Ray Jay and Udana Fonseka found themselves in the same workshop for aspiring film makers and actors. Both had a passion for film making – for Udana (26) it began when he watched Jurassic Park in 1993. For Ray Jay (27) it started even earlier – he says he decided to become a film maker at the age of 12. It was match made in the movies – now Ray and Udana run their own small outfit – Grindout Productions. Having opened their doors in 2009, the two founders produced its first film – an action flick titled ‘Chase’- that same year. In December 2010, they completed their second film.

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Sinhala Film Train to Kandy by Udana Fonseka and Ray Jay

The mystery, tension and excitement behind thrillers have become a magnetic force in attracting audience to theatres in masses for years. Alfred Hitchcock films mastered this art and productions from the 1960s Psycho to the more recent Shutter Island cast a spell of suspense, keeping movie buffs glued to their seats.

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