Sri Lankan Sinhala Film Behind the Scenes by Lakpathy Wijesekara at Sandeshaya Sri Lanka

Original Article from Sandeshaya Sri Lannka – The Art of Sri Lankan Cinema.

Actor : Nawalagodagedara Janananda
Actor : Nuwan Pradeep
Actress : Sumudu Attygalle
Actress : Chamli Rajapaksha
Actor : Lahiru Sandaruwan
Actor : Shanuka Jagodaarachchi
Actress :
Main Actress : Ruwendi Wakwella
Actor : Niranga Kaluarachchi
Actor :
Actor :
Main Actor :

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Behind the Scenes Crew
Art Director : Banuka Vithanage
Production Manager : Chirath Abeysinghe
Script : Kosala Senevirathne
Script : Supun Sudaraka
Cinematographer : Chanuka De Mel
Music Director : Kevin Macleod
Editor : Samudra Umayanga
Director :

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Behind the scenes is the first feature film produced by The Unlimited Entertainment. It is the culmination of the experiences gained by a team of after/AL students from Royal College, not only through making of short films, filming of school events and theatre productions, but also through the premature exposure to the hardships and realities in their zealous voyage towards making their own film. It is showcasing the talents and passion of Lakpathy Wijesekara, the Director and his team towards the silver screen.

The film shot by a MD 10 000 camera, using the simplest of film equipment captures a facet of teens not touched by Sri Lankan cinema beofore. It narrates the story of an ambitious director dedicated and committed in toto to making his first feature yet encountering endless challenges which stem from lack of empathy, ignorance and arrogance. Behind the screen discusses friendship,hope,respect and solitude; questions the stereotyped sarcasm the institutionalized and organized industry sheds upon a bunch of committed, enthusiastic and revolutionist teenagers.

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By Susitha R. Fernando
While many young people who enter the world of films aspire to become outstanding stars, Danesh Lanka Peiris who began as an actor hopes to join the crew behind the screen, deviating from the usual.
Entering the industry at the tender age of seven years, Lanka played a part in the film “Jeewanthi” made by his mother. However he gradually developed an interest in handling the camera. While yet a ordinary level examination student at Mahanama College, Colombo he assisted Hemasiri Sellapperuma in doing a film.

Lanka who took an active part in school plays made it a point to sit the Advanced Level examination in the arts stream. He realized his dream of becoming a successful film maker when he was made assistant director in ‘Newa Gilunath Bandchun’ which ran for over 100 days.

Some of the other films he assisted in which have become box office hits were Nombera 17 (No 17), ‘Uthura Dakuna’ and ‘Salambak Handai’.

Recalling he past Lanka said the opportunity he got to work with veterans like Vijaya Kumaratunga and Gamini Fonseka were moments he would never forget.

“Dwelling on the opportunity he had to work with some Indian film men he said he was amazed by the application and sacrifices of the technical crew in that country. “We have very few who are so dedicated to their work” Lanka said.

“Most of the producers here want to do films without spending money. This results in making cheap products which neither provides entertainment nor have any artistic value”, he added.

Asked for the fall in numbers of moviegoers in our country, Lanka said “the main reason I think is that we don’t have variety in the story line for our scripts,”.

“It is not necessary to have serious story lines always but a good film could be made with a simple story from a day to day happening”, he said.

“He also advocated the need to unearth new actors and actresses to replace the old faces” he said.

Lanka’s talents are not limited to directorial work alone. He has also mastered other areas like screen play writing, editing and even production aspects.

After having studied the art through trial and error Lanka spoke ruefully about the lack of an institution to teach cinema in all its forms.

According to this budding enthusiastic film personality the difficulty of finding producers is another big blow to the Sinhala cinema. “Producers here do not want to take the risk their money on uncertain ventures” he claimed. According to Lanka this was not the fault of producers, “What I think is that it is not hard to find producers if the film makers are armed with good scripts, technical facilities, cast and most importantly good preparation”.

Having worked in thirty four films so far, Lanka did not forget to remember his teacher Hemasiri Sellapperuma with gratitude. ‘His advice and guidance have been of great value to me’, he said.

Original Article from Sandeshaya Sri Lannka – The Art of Sri Lankan Cinema.

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